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Private instruction is available in piano, theory/musicianship. Chamber music and/or accompanying coaching is also available to students of all ages and levels.


The studio is equipped with a full size Steinway grand, YAMAHA keyboards and recording equipment. With degrees from Juilliard and 37 years of teaching experience, students will experience high quality musical education. 

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Learning to play the piano helps with concentration, coordination, processing information, memorization skills, and prepare the student for instruction in another instrument. 


Piano instruction combines musicianship skills, reading, listening and performance skills. Students are encouraged to share their music through group classes, workshops, recitals and other performance events. 


This is for students of ANY instrument.

Are you struggling with note-reading or counting? Do you need help processing the information on the music score you are currently working on?

Are you struggling with a part for orchestra or band? No matter which instrument you study, knowing how to learn a piece is imperative!


Preparing for a competition or an audition? Need extra help with your pieces? Are you bringing out the best of yourself in your performance? 

A coaching is much like a lesson in which technique and artistry will be discussed. A coaching is to supplement the lessons with the main teacher, not in place of. Musical aspects are usually the focus, and the goal is to attain utmost musical artistry appropriate for the piece.

Available for instrumentalists and singers. 

Accompaniment available for auditions, recordings, competitions, performances. 

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